Staying Pure: keep your mind body and soul unblemished for God (eBook)


Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: Lion of Judah Ministries/Lenae Valentine
Description: Alright girls! Time to talk purity. Now, I want you to think back on today: have you struggled with what you have let yourself think about, see, hear, touch? Well, you're not alone. The world is full of all sorts of temptations and lures, including very handsome young men. It's normal to be attracted to the opposite sex. But when does this attraction go too far?

In this book, I'll tell you straight up what the Bible says about purity, plus some very helpful tips in staying that way before AND after marriage. Purity is a lifetime thing and it all starts with focusing on your 5 senses. Ready to get started?

Just remember, if you have messed up in the past, that's not a good thing. BUT, it is not too late for you. Start making decisions to become a pure woman NOW. Believe me, the men in your life (the good ones) will love you for it because it makes things easier for them too.


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