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Temporal Delusion (eBook)


Format: Electronic Book (pdf)
Ministry/Author: The Berean Call/T. A. McMahon
Pages: 133
Description: Kingdom. Power. Glory. Dominion. Delusion?

AT THIS VERY MOMENT, millions of professing Christians are joining with millions of other “believers” to promote peace and reconciliation across the country and around the globe. These pragmatic, purpose-driven churches and organizations are uniting for the ecumenical “common good” to eliminate poverty, eradicate disease, and save the earth from political and environmental disaster—all in the name of advancing “God’s kingdom on earth.” But are all of these good works derived from a biblical blueprint for humanity? Or are these well-meaning workers building a house on foundations of sand?

If you seek to understand current church trends in the light of God’s revealed and perfect Word, you’ll find this easy-to-read volume both helpful and heart-pricking concerning the true state of the church today. In the process, you’ll discover that what you believe about “controversial” Last Days doctrines should indeed impact the direction and focus of our daily Christian walk—encouraging and equipping us to “redeem the time.”

– taken from TBC website

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    1. Weaning Evangelicals Off the Word
    2. Changing the Truth into a Lie
    3. A Way Which Seemeth Right
    4. Evangelical Mysticism?
    5. Ancient-Future Heresies
    6. The Shameful Social gospel
    7. The “Jesus” The World Lives
    8. Refashioning God
    9. The Works-Salvation Delusion
    10. What’s Your “Affection Direction”?
    11. Conformation or Transformation?
    12. The Temporal Delusion
    13. Apostasy and its Antidote
    14. Ready for the Wedding?
    15. Seduction: A Primer for Persecution?

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