The Claims of Christ (eBook)


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Format: Electronic Book by The Geeky Christian
Ministry/Author: Chuck Smith
Description: Let’s look at the radical claims that Jesus has made concerning Himself in these few verses.

1. He said believing upon Him was equivalent to believing the One who sent Him, or upon the Father. Over and over, He avowed that God sent Him.
2. To believe on Him was equivalent to believing in God.
3. He said to see Him was the same as seeing God.
4. He claimed to come as a light into the world.
5. Those who believe in Him do not abide in darkness.
6. He stated that He came to save the world.
7. He claimed that those who do not believe in Him
will be judged by the word that He has spoken.
8. He claimed that His teaching did not originate
with Him, but that He spoke the words that the
Father commanded Him to speak.
9. He declared that His words are life everlasting.

These are the claims of Jesus. There is no denying the fact that they are quite radical. The extreme nature of Jesus statements concerning Himself presents every person with a choice to be made. We must either accept or reject His claims. We must either believe or disbelieve Him. It is not an option to simply ignore or try to evade such radical statements. What Jesus said demands that we form an opinion, and our opinion will ultimately fall into one of two camps. He was either telling the truth or He was lying. He was either the Son of God and the greatest person who ever lived or He was a deceiver and a fraud.

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