The Debate Over Christian Reconstruction (eBook)


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Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: Gary DeMar

Table of Contents
PART I: An Introduction to Christian Reconstruction
1. Turning the World Upside Down
2. A City on a Hill
3. By What Standard?
4. Heavenly and Earthly Rewards
5. The Neutrality Myth
6. One Standard for All
7. Thinking God's Thoughts after Him
8. The Secularization of Life
9. True and False Spirituality
10. The Future Is Ours

PART II: The Debate over Christian Reconstruction
11. Understanding Christian Reconstruction
12. Putting Eschatology into Perspective
13. Tommy Ice: A Response- PartI
14. Tommy Ice: A Response – Part II
15. Dave Hunt:A Response
16. Questions and Answers
17. Concluding Remarks by Dave
18. Hunt and Tommy Ice
19. Conclusion

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