The Way Home (Music CD/MP3)


Ministry/Producer: Calming Harp/Steve Rees (Harpist)
Formats Available: CD in sleeve OR MP3 Download
Condition: New
Description: Calming Harp is excited to present “The Way Home”, a worship album with lyrics, inspired by Scripture and the Holy Spirit. How do we enter that spiritual realm where heaven meets earth? Where is that place where striving ceases and the flow of His Spirit arrests us, moving through the instruments and our beings to bring about a sacrifice of praise that is worthy of the King of Kings? These songs have been written and recorded in the ancient solfeggio scale that many believe King David tuned his instruments to. When David played his harp for King Saul he was refreshed and the distressing spirit left him. The harp was also used to release the prophetic word, in many places in Scripture. It is our hope and prayer that you will be encouraged and strengthened by this music. May God’s words in these inspired compositions be a light to your path as He lead you to “the way home”.

-taken from Calming Harp Website

Track 1 — Aaronic Blessing – Numbers 6:22 (Dedicated to our friend Rico Cortez)
Track 2 — Aleph Tav – Isaiah 44, Revelation 22 (Dedicated to our friend Lois Brown)
Track 3 — Come to Me – Psalm 101
Track 4 — Echad – Genesis 2:22, John 17:22
Track 5 — Rise Up – Zechariah 2
Track 6 — Song of Moses – Exodus 15
Track 7 — Manna – Exodus 16
Track 8 — The Pillars – Revelation 3 and 7
Track 9 — Song of the Lamb – Revelation 15
Track 10 — My Love – Psalm 63
Track 11 — Yavoh – Revelation 12, 14, 19, and 22
Track 12 — Latter Rain – Isaiah 41
Track 13 — In the Garden – Psalm 34
Track 14 — Tree of Life – Revelation 22

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