The Great Compromise (Paperback)

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Format: Paperback
Ministry/Author: Harvest Christian Fellowship/ Greg Laurie
Pages: 204
Condition: Used
Description: These are just a few of the countless strong messages flashed before Christians daily. We want to live effective Christian lives—yet the lure of life on the edge is still there. Temptation. Idolatry. Immorality. Adultery. Our minds are repeatedly assaulted with hundreds of ways to take a little off here, a little off there…until biblical truth and values are completely eroded. With each small step, each subtle compromise, we’re drawn further from Christ and closer to the abyss of spiritual failure. Then there is that last little push—that one last compromise—The Great Compromise. The one we can’t pull out of.

Is there hope? Is there help? Greg Laurie says, “Yes!” In his book, The Great Compromise, he exposes Satan’s favorite ploys to pull Christians away from their faith and explains how each of us can take measures to avoid common pitfalls. This encouraging message for today also offers a way back for those who have found themselves ensnared.

-from book’s Back Cover

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