The Great Tribulation (eBook)


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Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: Chike Udolisa
Description: If you would like to have an insight into God’s perspective of the GREAT TRIBULATION, the World System and His strategy to preserve believers during this perilous time then, this is the book for you.

We always assumed that the Great Tribulation would take place  in the future, that the church would not pass through it, and that it was designed for God’s vengeance on the unbelieving. However, this book brings to light scriptural details showing that the Great Tribulation consists of all forms of perils under the sun; impacts both the believing and unbelieving and spans the beginning of the world to the end. It extensively examines critical roles played by the Whore (Mystery, Babylon), the 7-Headed Beast and the False Prophet (aka the Antichrist).

It further expounded the complexity of this Great Tribulation showing how the prince of this world system has made significant progress in scattering the power of the holy people as predicted to precede the coming of Christ in Daniel 12:7.

The essence of this book is to help believers come out victorious, at Christ’s coming.  Christian leaders will find it to be a useful study tool, for preparing believers for the marriage feast of the Lamb.


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