The Primal Church: An Exposition of Acts 1-8 (eBook)


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Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: John Edmiston of Global Christians
Description: This commentary covers the first eight chapters of the Book of Acts, up until the persecution that scattered the Jerusalem Church and the conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch but prior to the conversion of Paul. I have called the book The Primal Church, to distinguish it from “The Early Church” (29-313AD) or the Apostolic Church both of which are much longer time-spans. The dating of Acts 1-8 is a matter of much contention but the years 29-37 AD or so seem likely dates for the time periods of Pentecost to the martyrdom of Stephen.

Acts 1-8 are perhaps some of the most radically anti-establishment chapters in Scripture. Twice we hear the phrase “we must listen to God not men” and Stephen’s speech at the Sanhedrin makes very clear that Temples and religious authorities are not necessary for the Abrahamic life of true faith.


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