The Ten Commandments (Movie)


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Format: PG Children's Cartoon
Production Company: Huhu Studios, iVL Animation, Sparky Animation,Ten Chimneys Entertainment
Description: The Pharaoh of Egypt, outnumbered by his Hebrew slaves, orders for them to be worked harder. When that doesn't break their spirits he has all the newborn male babies killed. Moses' parents put him in a basket and send him down the river, where the Pharaoh's daughter adopts and raises him as her own. After Moses comes to the aid of a slave being beaten, and the beater is killed and Moses flees Egypt.

Years later, Ramses is now Pharaoh. God speaks to Moses, telling him to back to Egypt and lead His people in the exodus. Pharaoh refuses, ten plagues come, and Pharaoh finally lets them leave when his son is killed. Moses leads the people from Egypt, through the Red Sea, and Moses receives the Ten Commandments and delivers them to the Hebrews. Moses puts Joshua in charge of leading the people the rest of the way.

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