The Tribulation and the Church (eBook)


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Format: Electronic Book by The Geeky Christian
Ministry/Author: Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel
Description: Can you imagine 50-pound chunks of ice falling out of the sky? Can you conceive of the devastation from a hailstorm with hailstones weighing 50 pounds? Where would you hide? How could you be safe? The hailstones would rip through the roof of your house as if it was paper. They would flatten your automobile.
The hail would destroy and level almost everything. What could stand up under that kind of bombardment?

-taken from Book

Tables of Contents:
1. The Two Tribulations
2. The 70 Weeks
3. The Rapture of the Church
4. In the Book of Revelation
5. The Restraining Force
6. The Trumpets
7. The First Resurrection
8. Watch and be Ready
9. The Time of the End
10. Preparation

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