This Joyful Eastertide: A Critical Review of “The Empty Tomb” (Ebook)


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Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: Steve Hays
Description: It is safe to say there are 5 plausible theories (Christianity, hallucination, myth, conspiracy and swoon) of what happened in Jerusalem on that first Easter Sunday concerning the Resurrection.

Jesus died — Jesus rose ——————————–(1) Christianity

Jesus didn't rise — the apostles were deceived ——– (2) Hallucination

the apostles were myth-makers ————————— (3) Myth

the apostles were deceivers —————————– (4) Conspiracy

Jesus didn't die —————————————- (5) Swoon

This book, written by Steve Hays, serves as an extended critical review of the book titled “The Empty Tomb” by Lowder/Price which positions itself as a full-frontal assault on the Resurrection.

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