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Tigers in the Dark: A Call to Courage and Christian Maturity (Hardcover)

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Ministry/Author: Thomas Lane Butts
Format: Paperback
Pages: 110
Condition: Like New
Description: Once during a circus performance on live television the spotlights went out. The animal trainer was locked in a cage with several fierce Bengal tigers. The tigers could see the man—the man could not see the tigers. After about thirty agonizing seconds, the lights came on, and the man finished his act. When asked how he survived the ordeal, he said, “I just cracked my whip and talked to them normally as if I could see them. They could see me, but they never realized I couldn’t see them.

Each day people cope with tigers of the subconscious that can destroy them. Tom Butts shows how to crack the whip of courage and develop the light of understanding available in Jesus Christ. This growth process may be painful at times, but the reward is wholesome enjoyment of a full Christian life unthreatened by “tigers” of the dark subconscious. The seeds of Tigers in the Dark can be found in the author’s personal experience. As a student in clinical pastoral education, he was a chaplain intern at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. Thomas Lane Butts counsels daily with people going through emotional upheaval. This involvement has forced him to confront the weaknesses in his understanding of the Christian character. Dr. Butts has sought and achieved a practical, livable Christianity that ministers to the very depths of the spirits.

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