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What’s Up With Boys?: Everything You Need to Know about Guys (Paperback)

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Format: Paperback
Condition: Used
Pages: 173
Ministry/Author: Crystal Kirgiss
Description: Forget everything you think you know about guys. Just for a minute, try to see past the gross humor, the “cool act,” the goofiness…and take another look.

Believe it or not, underneath all that guy-stuff is a person who struggles with his emotions, who feels caught between the silliness of boyhood and the seriousness of manhood, who cares about his friends as much as you do. And is usually as confused about girls as you're confused about boys.

If you're trying to get guys to like you, if you want to know how to keep your boyfriend happy, if you want to know what guys look for in a date…you're going to have to buy a different book. But if you're willing to think about guys; from your buddies to your brother; in a whole new way, then grab this book right now and start reading. The guys in your life will love you for it.

-from back cover of book

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