Youth asks…What’s In It For Me? (Paperback)

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Ministry/Author: Lawrence (Larry) O. Richards
Format: Paperback
Pages: 143
Condition: Used
Description: Have you been asking:
-what’s my life all about?
-why do I act and react the way I do?
-why do I follow my parent’s standards—can’t I have a set of my own?
-what about ethics—how ca I know the “loving” or right thing to do?
-how in the world do I go about making decisions?

Then you’d better listen as Youth Ask WHAT’s IN IT FOR ME?

Here is an explosive exploration of your value system. It searches behind your pattern of life, beyond your motives for action, right down to your philosophy—your values.

Values don’t mean anything to you? Well, they determine your pattern of life and set the motives for your actions—they’er the reason behind YOU. This self-help book guides you in an examination and reevaluation of that value system.

Simply, here is a book that will help you discover what you are, what you do, and why you do it. Then it will help you see, as the teens here have seen, how you can live your own life without making a mess of it.

-from book’s Back Cover

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